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There are two different types of merchants that you can use to shop at the Goxip Marketplace. Dealer Your fantastic products are sold through Goxip, which organizes the transaction and completes the payment. The delivery and fulfillment are handled by the seller of the Marketplace Merchant who ensures the quality of the goods and the time of delivery of the order. You can contact them through our in-app message service if you have questions about returns, refunds or exchanges, as each has a different return policy. Partner Merchant: You are independent of Goxip. When you click "SHOP" from a partner retailer, you will be redirected to their own e-commerce site outside Goxip to complete the transaction with them. You can contact them through their own customer service if you have any questions regarding return, refund or exchange. You can also review the applicable delivery and return policies described on their website, as each affiliate would have different terms and conditions.

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