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ZEN Rooms is the result of a constant journey of our founders around the world. Nathan Boublil, who had worked as a night porter at an independent hotel in London, firsthand recognized the inefficiencies and lack of expertise of small independent hotels and made it their personal responsibility to fix them. Kiren Tanna, on the other hand, has awakened in a hotel in Jakarta with a giant cockroach that has lurked in his basin, which has led him to realize that Southeast Asia has been a paradise for budget travelers, but vacationers are too often forced to mess with it cheap rooms with dubious quality and safety standards compensate.
Find the right room
ZEN Rooms is currently represented in 5 countries in Southeast Asia and offers thousands of rooms to book. On the homepage you have to select the city you want to visit and the dates you want to travel to. To help you find the perfect space for your needs, you should maximize the use of filters to narrow down your choices.


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Introduced in Indonesia in 2015 and now in 7 countries, ZEN Rooms is undoubtedly the largest and fastest-growing budget hotel chain in Southeast Asia with more than 5,000 rooms at over 35 locations. Inspired by the Rocket Internet culture, where speed and innovation are critical, we strive to constantly think about how to disrupt things and improve the hospitality industry. ZEN Rooms is run by young, intelligent and hardworking people eager to improve the lives of budget travelers by offering them the best lodging experience at the lowest possible price.