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Toluna strives to foster Insights on Demand, a whole new way for companies to gain insights and understand the ever-changing consumer confidence and taste in the on-demand economy. Toluna is a founding member of the Insights on Demand Consortium, a multilateral group that drives the principles and adoption of insights on demand. The company has 24 offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and MENA.
How do I participate in a survey with my mobile phone?
If you would like to receive a survey on your smartphone, simply enter your phone number when registering with Toluna or enter it directly on your account page. Do not forget "I agree to receive a notification of the invitation to the survey via SMS." Toluna will send a limited number of surveys to the users we deem appropriate. You will not be asked to answer the questionnaire by SMS. The SMS you receive contains a link to connect to the survey.
What kind of business is Toluna?
Every day Toluna invites thousands of members to answer questionnaires on various topics. The purpose of these surveys is to collect your opinions on the products and services of large consumer brands, your habits as consumers or the world in which you live. Your opinion will have a direct impact on the business and how they market, distribute or promote new products and services to customers in your area.

關於 Toluna

Founded in 2000, shortly after the Internet bubble burst, Toluna relies on online survey solutions. Toluna influencers can express their opinions on various digital media platforms, including our online community. As a Toluna Influencer you have the opportunity to influence the relevant products and services! Answer our survey to express your opinion, your voice + our voice = the voice of change. Toluna is a member of leading professional market research organizations: Syntec Etudes, ESOMAR, Adetem and the French Marketing Association.