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We pride ourselves on providing our members with a range of world-class value-added services such as personal home visits, free insurance, and a studio of skilled craftsmen with expertise in watches, jewelery and leather - so members can enjoy the comfort of their homes. That is luxury for us. The Reebonz team consists of over 350 employees and has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.
Reebonz is a trusted online platform for buying and selling a wide range of luxury products. We make luxury accessible by offering members more from the world of luxury in terms of our products, personal services, different buying and selling methods, member awards and personalized referrals and skills. With our seamless shopping experience, customers can always be sure to get more when they buy and sell from us *. The Reebonz sales platform is only available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.
Reebonz is an online luxury retailer that organizes special sales events that usually take between one and five days to complete. Members can refine their search with advanced filters to shop by product-specific catalogs that list the full range of items currently on sale, by category, designer, color, price range, and more. Through Reebonz boutiques, members can also purchase a variety of unique luxury products from an extensive collection of the world's best new and used luxury retailers. On this platform, there is a worldwide community of independent multi-brand boutiques, luxury retailers and vintage retailers that make it easy for our members throughout the Asia-Pacific region to purchase even the rarest luxury items.

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Reebonz is an online platform for the purchase and sale of luxury products. Members can search online and mobile for new and used luxury items. Visitors need to sign in via Facebook Connect or register as a member with their email address before they can view and buy. The membership is free. Reebonz is based on the concept of barrier-free luxury, where members can buy a range of luxury goods online or in mobile applications. At the Reebonz Marketplace, we bring independent multi-brand boutiques, used luxury retailers and vintage retailers from around the world onto a single platform.