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Jack Wills Known for hereditary classics with a contemporary twist, Jack Wills is proud to fly the flag of Great Britain all over the world, whether in collaboration with a Yorkshire mill, the Jack Wills Seasonnaire summer in America, or our Landy to take events to the United States Hong Kong. Authenticity, honesty and disrespect are just three of the qualities woven into the "fabric of Jack", and this corporate ethos has existed for 17 years.
Who owns Jackwill?
Today, the mark is partly owned by Jack Wills Ltd, a UK registered limited liability company. After an investment deal in 2007, the private equity firm Inflexion holds a 27% stake.
Why is the Jack Wills logo a pheasant?
Jack Wills is known for his distinctive pheasant with cylinder and cane logo, while the House of Fraser brand Linea carries the icon of a dove in a hat, but without sugar cane. ... He argued that the logo used by House of Fraser was "Inheritance" and a violation of the Jack Wills emblem.
Does Jack Wills use real fur?
Jack Wills does not use Animal Fur on any product, whether it's by-product or not. This includes all breeding furs such as rabbit, fox and chinchilla. Regular testing ensures that only synthetic fur is used for Jack Wills products.

關於 Jack Wills

Founded in 1999 as a stand-alone store in the coastal town of Salcombe, Jack Wills is a British lifestyle brand. Known for his high-quality, heritage-inspired wardrobe classics, Jack Wills embodies a carefree, youthful spirit - naturally charming, endlessly optimistic and apologetically British. The brand was a success: in October of the same year, a second store was opened in Fulham, London. The deal was raided and closed, but another store in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, was opened. As the business grew, Jack Wills stores were opened in places with universities or private schools like Eton, Oxford, Winchester and St.