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We offer thousands of discounts on groceries, purchases and travel. We hope you can easily sample the world's cuisines and enjoy the new things at a popular price.
How does HoKoBuy work?
1 purchase
Send you a special offer every day, just click "Buy Now" to enjoy!
2 part it out
Tell your friends in Hong Kong about HoKoBuy's offerings! Buy throughout the city, get the discount!
3 enjoy the experience
We will send the voucher to your account. Redeem now, try new restaurants and events and discover more fun in the city!
The offered offers are only a fold!
HoKoBuy brings you more fun! Give you a whole new daily diet, leisure, beauty, event discounts, up to a discount! Imagine half price, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner in an elegant spa. As long as there are enough people to buy, we can give you discounts, even for luxury services / products.
HoKoBuy is not just a coupon, but also an entertaining guide. Let HoKoBuy guide you through every corner and take advantage of various discounts for the price.
With the mobile HoKoBuy app you can buy discounts anytime, anywhere. You can always search for deals nearby or search for offers that are of interest to you. At the same time, you can view the offers you have purchased by location, date and expiration date.
I have to mention that with HoKoBuy, you can redeem your mobile phone / tablet directly, do not need to reprint, and this is practical enough to protect the environment.

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HoKoBuy will continue to follow the usual style and collect popular deals for all. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life of our guests. HoKoBuy hopes to have a closer connection with all people and to feel the excitement of everyday life. We will strive to strengthen communication between people through a variety of interactive elements in both directions and to redefine the concept of shopping. We will continue our efforts to collect all kinds of special offers and launch more unexpected new features to provide Hong Kongers with a more convenient online shopping platform.