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Become a member of AirAsia & enjoy exclusive benefits like exclusive deals, coupon codes, special events, birthday treats, and many other advantages. AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme is an award-winning loyalty program that allows members to retrieve AirAsia flights to more than 130 destinations. AirAsia BIG Loyalty allows its members to enjoy the lowest airfares through AirAsia. Loyalty program All seats are redeemable using BIG Points. Other exclusive member benefits include a 24-hour priority reservation for all AirAsia sales. Free download AirAsia BIG Loyalty App on the Apple app store and Google Play Store & enjoy exclusive benefits now.
AirAsia has two great cards that will give you a lot of advantages and additional earning points for free tickets. Apply for an AirAsia Credit Card and get privileges just for you like free priority check-in, boarding and Xpress baggage, free instant upgrade to big platinum membership status, free introductory onboard Wifi, and up to 25,000 Bonus Big Points.

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With the increasing need to stay away from traditional advertising and increase your advertising dollars, AirAsia has created a unique and effective way to reach a wide range of consumers. By taking advantage of the growing reach of Asia's first low-cost airlines, AirSpace Advertising lets you communicate directly with AirAsia's extensive passenger group, giving you a channel to deliver your message effectively. AirAsia provides the lowest prices online for more than 130 destinations across Asia and beyond.