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Your goals to be hindered. FWD is changing the way people feel about insurances by offering easy-to-understand products that are relevant to their lives, as well as trusted advice and the ability to connect with us, however you decide it.
How do I calculate regular property rights?
100% of the account value are regular protection interest, which according to the account value of Fuwei Life Insurance (Bermuda) Co., Ltd. ("Fuwei Life Insurance") calculated on the day of the death based on the "true money" The maximum amount of the regular protection interest, which are available to the insured of the life insurance plan is HK $ 4,000,000 / $ 500,000. Regular protection benefits are paid to the Beneficiary in addition to the death benefit from the Master Plan. The free term of the legal and performance contract is valid for a contract anniversary immediately before the insured person's 66th birthday.
Why doesn't Drivamatics automatically start the itinerary after the trip?
Drivamatics starts recording the trip after it has been determined that you are driving or driving. The start of the journey and the start of the recording therefore take about 2 minutes.

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Fu Wei Finance Limited ("Fu Wei Finance") is an insurance agent authorized by Fu Wei Life Insurance (Bermuda) Co., Ltd. and Fu Wei Insurance Co., Ltd. was appointed. We distribute a wide range of life insurance and general insurance in Hong Kong, including individual life insurance, savings plans, home security plans, auto insurance, travel insurance, work leave insurance and study abroad insurance. We understand that you want to achieve your goals while being able to get the most out of your life. In particular, we design insurance products that meet your needs and your simplicity.