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Dyson vacuum cleaners and washing machines were manufactured in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, until the company moved its vacuum cleaner production to Malaysia in 2002. There was some controversy over the reason for this move and plans to expand Dyson's factory to increase production. Wiltshire unionists claimed the move would negatively impact the local economy by losing jobs. The following year, washing machine production was also relocated to Malaysia.
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When we accept your order, we endeavor to deliver your products within the deadlines indicated below. In some postcodes we can not guarantee these periods. For more information, see Exceptions to Typical Delivery Times. When purchasing online, you can request the delivery of products to a Click & Collect location or to an address of your choice within a specific delivery window. If you select a delivery date, both options will be displayed, if available, or only one option if circumstances dictate. Does Dyson produce in the UK?
Dyson, the UK-based company known for its vacuum cleaners, has decided to build its new electric car in Singapore. The company will lay the foundation for its new plant in Singapore later this year with the first car to be produced in 2021.
What is Dyson famous for?
James Dyson is a British industrialist whose fame is the bagless vacuum cleaner Dual Cyclone. Dyson's invention has revolutionized vacuum cleaners and other devices around the world. Dyson was born on May 2, 1947 in Cromer, England. He was a long-distance runner.

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Dyson Ltd is a British technology company founded in 1991 by Sir James Dyson in the UK. It develops and manufactures household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, fans, heaters, hair dryers and lamps. By February 2018, Dyson had more than 12,000 employees worldwide. We start by turning the convention on its head. We are family-owned, committed to no one, so that we can go our own way - different and authentic. We are constantly trying to find a better way. We solve problems that others ignore with ingenious new technologies and just work better.