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Stubhub 促銷代碼 & Stubhub 優惠碼 2022年8月

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  • 10% Off Select Ticket Orders at StubHub

    過期時間: 4-2-23
  • Stubhub 限時促銷活動,立享60%折扣

    過期時間: 20-8-22
  • Stubhub: 40% OFF + 免運費

    過期時間: 20-8-22
  • 車路士門票 - Chelsea | StubHub 香港低至HK$746

    過期時間: 15-3-22
  • 阿仙奴門票 - Arsenal | StubHub 香港HK$748起

    過期時間: 17-3-22
  • 車路士門票 - Chelsea | StubHub 香港HK$734起

    過期時間: 13-3-22
  • 利物浦(Liverpool FC)門票 | StubHub 香港HK$1,665起

    過期時間: 14-3-22
  • 曼聯(Manchester United)門票 | StubHub 香港HK$936起

    過期時間: 17-3-22
  • 巴塞隆拿(Barcelona)足球比賽門票 | StubHub 香港低至HK$421

    過期時間: 13-3-22
  • 車路士門票 Chelsea低至HK$938

    過期時間: 1-3-22
  • 阿仙奴門票 Arsenal低至HK$834

    過期時間: 4-3-22
  • 利物浦(Liverpool FC)門票HK$985起

    過期時間: 4-3-22
  • 曼聯(Manchester United)門票低至HK$332

    過期時間: 1-3-22
  • 巴塞隆拿(Barcelona)足球比賽門票HK$521起

    過期時間: 3-3-22
  • 曼聯(Manchester United)門票HK$478起

    過期時間: 26-2-22
  • 阿仙奴門票 ArsenalHK$783起

    過期時間: 23-2-22

關於Stubhub和Stubhub 促銷代碼 & Stubhub 優惠碼的更多信息

The magazine ranked StubHub on its annual "Inc. 500" list as the eighth fastest growing US private company. In 2006, more than 100 New York Yankees subscribers suspected of reselling their regular seats on StubHub received letters denying them the right to buy playoff tickets and purchasing season tickets for the season 2007 was prohibited.
StubHub a resale page?
StubHub was a pioneer in the event ticket resale industry. ... However, when deciding where to buy your tickets, it is important to know that most StubHub tickets can be bought for less at TickPick without the high service charges.
Is StubHub legal?
In the US, there is no federal law on the scalping of tickets. StubHub encourages sellers to comply with local government regulations in their Terms of Use. These state laws are very different and are often poorly enforced or not updated for years.
Why are the StubHub fees so high?
It is a pity that the StubHub user agreement no longer discusses fees. ... "It's free to list tickets for sale and search for tickets that you can buy at StubHub. For each completed transaction, the buyer pays a 10% fee and for sellers a 15% fee. For example, if the buyer sells a ticket worth $ 100, the buyer would pay $ 110.


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StubHub is eBay's online ticketing service that provides services to buyers and sellers of tickets for sports, concert, theater and other live entertainment events. It has grown from the largest secondary market ticket marketplace in the US to the world's largest ticket marketplace. With our desktop and mobile features, including our StubHub app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android, fans can buy and sell tickets for tens of thousands of events anytime. Offering a superior fan experience at its core, StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market in 2000 and continues to lead through innovation.