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With HotelCombined's hotel affiliate program, businesses can earn revenue by offering hotel price comparison on their website. The hotel content is available in over 42 languages and the user interface can be fully customized to help companies retain their brand. The company partnered with low-cost airline Ryanair to strengthen its RyanairHotels.com price comparison service. HotelsCombined is also responsible for hotel search for the European flight comparison website, momondo.com, as well as for Travelsupermarket (part of Moneysupermarket) and many others in Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world.
How do I search for hotels?
To search for hotels and a wide selection of hotel deals, simply enter your search criteria on our website or in our app. Here's Max with a quick guide on how it looks. Are you looking for something specific and would like to narrow down your search results? Take a look at our articles below.
How do I cancel or change my hotel booking?
HotelsCombined is a search engine that compares hotel deals with a variety of online travel providers. Once you've found the best deal on our website or app, you will be connected to your selected travel agency to complete your booking and enter your details.
Why does not HotelsCombined store hotel contact information?
HotelsCombined is a search engine that compares a wide range of accommodations from different online travel providers so we do not directly deal with hotels, forward messages to them or keep track of their contact details.

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HotelsCombined is not easy to understand, but we believe that bookings should be completed in a few simple steps. Searching hundreds of websites and finding thousands of \"booking prices\" is difficult and complicated. At HotelsCombined we know that booking accommodation online is not easy, but we believe that should be the case. It can be overwhelming and complicated to search hundreds of websites for thousands of deals. Ultimately, HotelsCombined ensures that users are confident that they can make the most of their hotel offerings by clicking on \"Book\".