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Gmarket‘s Cancel Policy
Domestic / international shipping orders, if you choose to cancel the order for any reason, it can only be cancelled after the seller has not accepted your order or delivery. You will bear any additional costs associated with the cancellation. In some cases, the seller may have delivered your item before updating the shipping status. In this case, you cannot cancel the order, but you can request a return and pay only the return fee.
For international shipping orders, items will not be returned after being shipped overseas (repackaged and shipped from Gmarket warehouse). For domestic orders, you can exchange within 7 days after receiving the ordered products. To apply an exchange on your order, go to "My Gmarket> Shopping List" and find the order, then click on the exchange. The delivery person will visit you within 2 days to retrieve the package. However, unless you receive a contingent item, you can pay the applicable exchange fee.
Gmarket‘s return Policy
For international shipping orders, please be careful and be sure to check again when shipping items internationally.
Basically, during domestic delivery, if the order status shows "Delivering", it cannot be cancelled. Once the item is shipped overseas (repackaged and shipped by Gmarket Warehouse), it will not be accepted for return unless you return it for a non-conforming or defective item.

關於 Gmarket

Korean brand Gmarket has been the leading e-commerce. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been committed to facilitating the Korean market. Gmarket provides sellers with a flexible and comprehensive sales solution and offers buyers a large selection of goods at competitive prices. Gmarket is operating the Gmarket Global website for overseas customers and foreigners who have been living in South Korea since the English service was launched in October 2006, thereby making the connection between sellers and customers ubiquitous. We have opened Chinese language services to more customers worldwide. All products are delivered directly from South Korea, and its world-class global logistics center ships to more than 100 countries around the world, helping domestic sellers to conveniently ship goods to the world. The mobile app provided customers with a more convenient way to shop in June 2015.