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What is Groupon com?
Groupon is a service that helps you save money by using virtual coupons. Similar to a physical coupon book, with Groupon you can make offers of up to 70 percent on all sorts of things, from groceries and retail products to travel and services. You can use Groupon on a computer and from a phone or tablet.
Is there Groupon yet?
The success of Facebook and Google in attracting small businesses is a major driver, as is Amazon's growth. Nearly seven years after the IPO, with a valuation of just under $ 13 billion, Groupon (GRPN - Get Report) has a value of just $ 2.6 billion, as it is reportedly being put up for sale.
Returns Policy
Our return policy varies by product. It is therefore important to check the small print for a Groupon Goods offer before purchasing. If your item was sold by a third party, read our troubleshooting guide on the marketplace for more information. You can return most Groupon Goods products for a refund within 30 days of receipt. You may also be able to exchange your article for a new one.

關於 Groupon

The idea that eventually became Groupon came from the disappointment of founder Andrew Mason, who attempted to terminate a cell phone contract in 2006. Mason was of the opinion that there had to be a way to use the collective bargaining power of many people. Groupon builds the daily habits of local commerce and offers a huge mobile and online marketplace where people can discover and save amazing things can do, see, eat and buy. By enabling real-time commerce for local businesses, travel destinations, consumer goods and live events, shoppers can find the best that a city has to offer.