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  • 租租車 -全球玩樂尊享禮包免費領800元

    過期時間: 20-12-22
  • 租租車 -年中大促銷北美玩樂 50% OFF

    過期時間: 6-12-22
  • 訂閱郵件可享受獨家優惠及特賣

    過期時間: 3-2-23
  • 網上購買可享超過36%的折扣

    過期時間: 4-2-23
  • 指定商品買一送一, 並享9折優惠

    過期時間: 15-2-23
  • W.zuzuche.com任何產品均可享受5折優惠

    過期時間: 15-2-23
  • 消費即可享受85折優惠, 僅在w.zuzuche.com

    過期時間: 15-2-23
  • 滿減7%,任意下單有效

    過期時間: 6-2-23
  • 節日促銷,限時搶購中

    過期時間: 22-2-23
  • 推薦朋友時可獲得等值積分

    過期時間: 26-1-23
  • 最高可享5折優惠

    過期時間: 28-1-23
  • 最暢銷產品已上市, 超過7折

    過期時間: 27-1-23
  • 額外減少20%

    過期時間: 25-1-23
  • 指定商品低至15%折扣

    過期時間: 9-2-23
  • 僅限指定商品,低至5折

    過期時間: 31-1-23
  • 闪租· 像叫专车一样方便折85%

    過期時間: 12-8-22
  • 闪租· 像叫专车一样方便 租租车立減85%

    過期時間: 16-7-22
  • 闪租· 像叫专车一样方便 租租车 現折 85%

    過期時間: 13-7-22
  • 闪租· 像叫专车一样方便 租租车省85%

    過期時間: 8-7-22
  • Promo Code: New Members Get $100 Off

    過期時間: 25-11-21
  • Score 20% Off Hotels, Activities & Tickets | Zuzuche Promo

    過期時間: 30-11-21

關於Zuzuche Car Rental和Zuzuche Car Rental 促銷代碼 & Zuzuche Car Rental 推廣碼的更多信息

ZUZUCHE.COM aims to make it easy for Chinese self-drivers to travel abroad without compromising the quality and authenticity of their experiences.
I have just booked a car to go to Phuket next week and ask for the precautions.
I\'m still in Phuket, rent 7 SUVs, drive normally, no need to worry, the average speed of the island is 40-60, many people may be slower, polite because it drives to the right, our car will become habitual Lean left It\'s important to note that there will be motorcycles on the left side.
Can the sights of Yosemite be reached by car?
Some attractions must take the bus to the appropriate place and walk
Is there a problem with the air conditioning? Is there a car without air conditioning?
I did not pay attention when I booked it. Now I have an air-conditioned car. No air conditioning, unless the car is too old, otherwise the car is broken. Do not give a car without air conditioning.


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Renting a rental car is China\'s leading self-drive platform. It covers nearly 200 countries and regions, nearly 6,000 cities and nearly 200,000 businesses around the world. It offers users an overseas car rental service, scenic locations, local gaming products and free 24/7 Chinese GPS. ZUZUCHE.COM, founded by Guangzhou Lizhi Network Technology Ltd., is the first and largest outbound car rental platform in 2011, as well as an OTA in China dedicated to self-driving travel. Since 2011, we have successfully served over 10 million Chinese users with smooth and efficient booking of cars and self-driving travel experience.