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The very first ziinlife collection was about transforming small spaces. Since then, the essence of transformation has led our designers to push the boundaries of what furniture can do to change not just a room, but how the furniture itself can change in a room.
After successful online order, you will receive a confirmation from us within 2 working days with your order data. Updates to the inventory status and expected delivery window are provided. The delivery time is usually between 7 and 45 days. Please note that all shipping charges shown here are for reference only and may change based on actual circumstances. The shipping cost calculation is based on the total amount of each order. All delivery services are limited to the following conditions: The rescheduling of the delivery must be made 3 days before the original delivery date. A late notification will result in a fine of $ 200. The lift surcharge per item applies only to delivery points with stairs or items that can not be transported by elevator in your home due to their size. The Rise Fee varies depending on the size of the item delivered and the number of levels required to ascend.

About Ziinlife Furniture

Founded in 2013, ziinlife strives to produce furniture that will delight over the years. ziinlife grew out of a shared dream of two friends - a dream to make high-quality designs with quality materials that everyone can own. We hope to make design furniture accessible and affordable. Our world is full of possibilities, ziinlife strives to offer the perfect harmony of stylish design and intelligent technology. Our designs always aim to bring quirky and playful elements into ordinary spaces. Our goal has been to construct functional furniture that doesn’t sacrifice design.