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  • Yoho HSBC Credit Card Promotion EXTRA HK$150 OFF Your Purchase

    過期時間: 15-12-22
  • Enjoy up to 75% OFF New Arrival Products

    過期時間: 31-8-22
  • Yoho Coupon Code - Super Sale up to 90% OFF on Sale Items

    過期時間: 30-1-23
  • Yoho Coupon Code - New User Offer HK$10 OFF Your First Order upon Signing up

    過期時間: 11-2-23
  • 特定yohohongkong.com產品有4折優惠

    過期時間: 8-2-23
  • 新商品最高可享7折優惠

    過期時間: 9-2-23
  • 熱門商品低價促銷

    過期時間: 4-2-23
  • 下載APP享受4折優惠

    過期時間: 13-2-23
  • 下次訂購可享受額外的4折優惠

    過期時間: 31-1-23
  • 獨家促銷:yohohongkong.com最高可享5折優惠

    過期時間: 30-1-23
  • 最高可享8折優惠

    過期時間: 3-2-23
  • Yohohongkong.com任何產品均可享受5折優惠

    過期時間: 30-1-23
  • 享受半價outlet商品

    過期時間: 25-1-23
  • 滿減6%,任意下單有效

    過期時間: 3-2-23
  • 高達15%優惠的清倉促銷

    過期時間: 5-2-23
  • 即日起,省更多

    過期時間: 19-2-23
  • Receive up to 70% OFF on 電子產品

    過期時間: 28-12-22
  • Grab up to 70% OFF on Best-Selling 家庭電器

    過期時間: 29-12-22
  • Yoho Sale - 電子產品 Promotion Shop Now & Receive up to 70% OFF Selected Items

    過期時間: 25-1-23
  • Yoho Sale - Huge Savings on 家庭電器 up to 70% OFF Selected Items

    過期時間: 13-2-23
  • 蘋果 高達 35% 折扣

    過期時間: 29-7-22
  • 限時特價 友和 YOHO低至$2000

    過期時間: 22-7-22
  • TCL低至$520

    過期時間: 14-7-22
  • 斐珞爾 高達 90% 折扣

    過期時間: 13-7-22
  • 樂金折扣高達90%

    過期時間: 6-7-22
  • 索尼低至$198

    過期時間: 3-7-22

關於Yoho和Yoho 促銷代碼 & Yoho 推廣碼的更多信息

Currently we have over 17,000 listed products. These are mainly electronic products with some other related items. According to Alexa traffic data, Yoho tops the online shop traffic ranking for electronics products in Hong Kong. Yoho has no expensive rent and every cent saved is reflected in the product prices. This is our core value to offer products at affordable prices.
What is the 7-day replacement guarantee?
Yoho warrants that each product will be exchanged within 7 days of purchase if the product does not meet the manufacturer's standards. If the product is within the manufacturer's warranty, the customer may return the product to the manufacturer or its authorized dealer for repair.
What is the System Responsibility for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WPRS)?
There are around 70,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Hong Kong every year, most of which are exported for reuse or recovery of recyclables. However, the dependence on exports in dealing with locally produced WEEE may not be sustainable in the longer term as demand for used products in markets outside Hong Kong will decline over time.
What can I do if I have forgotten my password?
Click the Sign In / Register button at the top right corner of the yoho.com home page, then select "Forgot your password?" under the field "Login". Enter your registered e-mail address as indicated and click "Send Now". We will send you an email to reset the password.


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關於 Yoho

Yoho was founded in 2013 and we are the pioneer of the e-commerce service in Hong Kong. Through our unique online and offline shopping platform we want to offer our customers a wide range of quality products at attractive prices. This is perfectly reflected in the emerging idea of "New Retail". We will continue to use the technology to further enhance the new retail experience. Online Shopping Yoho takes the lead in developing online shopping in Hong Kong. Currently we have over 200,000 registered members and over 500,000 monthly website visits.