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關於Uniqlo和Uniqlo 促銷代碼 & Uniqlo 推廣碼的更多信息

In Ube, Yamaguchi, there was a company based in Yamaguchi, Ogori Shoji (which had previously operated men's clothing stores under the name "Men's Shop OS"). They opened their first urban urban Uniqlo store in the trendy district of When Uniqlo decided to expand overseas, Uniqlo divided it from its parent company and established Fast Retailing (Jiangsu) Apparel Co. in China.
Where does Uniqlo make his clothes?
Fast Retailing to become the world's largest clothing retailer by 2020. Currently there are the fourth largest in the world.
Is Uniqlo a Japanese brand?
Uniqlo Co., Ltd. Kabushiki-gaisha Yunikuro Japanese:  is a Japanese designer, casual wear manufacturer and retailer. Retailing Co., Ltd. The company operates in Japan and several other countries.
Do Uniqlo and Miniso have anything to do with each other?
Miniso's marketing strategy has been compared to other Japanese retailers such as Muji, Daiso and Uniqlo, as the aesthetics of the business, brand design and inventory are similar.


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Uniqlo Co Kabushiki-gaisha Yunikuro The Japanese pronunciation is a Japanese designer, manufacturer and retailer of casual wear. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. The company operates in Japan and several other countries. Clothing that is characterized by our Japanese values simplicity, quality and longevity. Designed to be time and time. Made with such modern elegance that it becomes the building blocks of your style. Clothes that we are constantly developing and that give your life more warmth, lightness, better design and more comfort.