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How do I enter the passenger names?
All names, titles and orders of passengers must match the passport or other valid travel documents. If the name on the passport does not match the name of the passenger on the e-ticket, the airline has the right to exclude the passenger from boarding the flight. When ordering the ticket, make sure that the name of the passenger entered matches the name on the passport. Once the ticket has been confirmed, the name of the passenger (including title and order) can not be changed. If your last name is a complex last name, do not include spaces or special characters between the two words. If your last name contains only one word, e.g. B.: O, enter OO.
Can I change the name of the person entering after the ticket has been issued?
Once the ticket has been confirmed, it can no longer be converted into other passengers. When ordering your ticket, make sure that the name of the passenger you enter matches the correct English full name on the passenger's valid travel document.
If the name of the passenger does not have a unique first name and name, eg. Indonesian, how do I enter the name to buy the ticket?
If the name of the passenger does not clearly distinguish between the last name and the name but only a single name, please contact our Customer Service Representative ([email protected]) by e-mail to make a manual reservation.

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Established in 2013, TravelLiker.com Limited is a licensed online travel agency specializing in the sale of airline tickets and free travel packages. In addition, TravelLiker will undertake various joint activities with various industries in order to attract more people for a lively and interesting participation and to provide the public with preferred information. In the near future, TravelLiker will continue to expand its business scope and continuously improve service quality. The company also has a number of platform sites, such as www.travelliker.com.hk, Google+, Weibo and Twitter, dedicated to sharing information.