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SmartFares is one of the preferred and customer-focused travel agencies covering destinations around the world. By leveraging our relationships with consolidators, we have offered our customers the cheapest and most affordable offers. With our headquarters in San Diego and regional offices in different parts of the world.
What if I entered the wrong date and time?
Most airlines allow us to change the dates and times of a reservation. If you wish to make any changes to the booking. The staff inform themselves about the penalties and rules of the airline for their special ticket.
Why is a flight shown there?
The airline inventory changes frequently and therefore the fares fluctuate constantly. It is possible to make your reservation. We recommend that you contact our help desk.
How do I order a special meal?
While making a reservation, you will see an area where you can request a special meal. This request should be sent to the airline. Although we can make your meal request, we can not guarantee that the request will be considered.

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SmartFares is a travel reservation service that specializes in offering consumers the best rates available on the market. SmartFares has been serving customers since 2006, offering them a wide range of travel content, offering one of the widest choices of available fares and travel content. Our mission is to provide our customers with consistent value by offering discounted airline tickets, a variety of travel content and excellent customer service. Our clients value our commitment and approach to help them around the clock. Your emails and positive comments motivate us to work even harder to make the most of our potential.