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Sedo provides all the tools needed to buy, sell, and monetize domains, including domain ratings, brokerage, sales promotion, and Sedo\'s popular domain parking program. Members use Sedo\'s parking program to earn more than 4 million domains while promoting these domains for sale.
What options does the seller have if I place an offer on a domain?
If the domain name is listed as an \"offer\", the seller has the following options when making an offer: Accept offer When the seller accepts your offer, an agreement is made and the transfer process begins. If the seller makes a counter offer, you will receive an e-mail notification. You can then log in to your Sedo account to respond by accepting or submitting a new counter offer.
How does Sedo verify my ownership of a domain?
The Sedo system checks a member\'s Sedo account details and compares them with the information listed in the Whois public database. If Whois information is not available or the owner has opted to use a privacy service, this process must be done manually.
Why does my parked page look different than my other domains?
The parked page looks different, as the domain has been parked at your registrar at Sedo but is not yet listed in your Sedo account. Once the domain has been added to your account, we can record statistics for the parked page.

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Paul Martin Fawell joined Sedo in 2009. Sedo is a leading monetization provider, a globally trusted domain brokerage and auction house and the birthplace of numerous domain opportunities for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Sedo is a domain name and website marketplace and domain parking provider based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cologne. The company, a subsidiary of United Internet based in Germany. With more than 2 million member accounts from around the world and trading domains in more than 25 languages, Sedo is the only global domain marketplace in the world.