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Green Mango integrates the hotel's resources into unique Internet thinking and advises the hotel owner to use a personalized management method to fully explore the business features and highlights of each home.
In case of late arrival, the room can be reserved at the latest at the time?
The normal room reservation time for the hotel is 18:00. At the same time you will receive from Green Mango the order information and the contact number of the hotel. Due to an incorrect schedule or late arrival, please contact the hotel in advance to communicate the exact time of arrival, to negotiate and to make a reservation so that the hotel does not exceed the retention period. The room situation was not maintained.
What should I do if I arrive at the hotel after confirmation of the order, when the hotel is full?
After the confirmed order, the hotel guarantees to reserve the room within the specified retention period. If the room can not be arranged after the arrival of the store, please use the online customer service desk or leave a message for the first time to create a voucher. After the situation is confirmed.

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As a site for in-house bookings, Qing Mango has more than 200,000 boutique B & Bs, specialty guesthouses, youth hostels and theme hotels covering more than 3,000 destinations across the country, providing \"livable\" service to more than 30 million visitors. The local culture, local folk customs and the human care of the tourist destinations allow each guest to feel the unique charm and humanistic feelings of travel and accommodation. Green Mango is deeply rooted in the real estate industry and always endeavors to support and strengthen the homestay industry.