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Play-Asia.com is proud of its customer satisfaction. We endeavor to respond to your requests within a few hours and not longer than 24 hours (except on weekends). Our highly qualified staff will gladly answer your questions. Play-Asia.com uses its own e-commerce solution for its website, which provides usability, security and privacy. Rest assured that your information is safe with us.
Shipping options and delivery times
Play-Asia.com offers various delivery options to provide our customers with convenience and choice. During checkout, a list of all available shipping services will be displayed with detailed service and delivery time information. Although we may update our shipping providers from time to time, we always offer our customers the following shipping methods.
I want an article that I do not see on your website. Can you get it for me?
Unfortunately, we can not consider special requests for items. Only items that have been found on our website can be purchased. Please note that we can not offer any items that are exclusive to other stores, even if requested.
The product page for an item I ordered has now disappeared. Will my order be canceled?
Your order is valid if the item is still listed in your order. Sometimes we remove the product page from items for which we can no longer accept new orders, e.g. B. Initial publications of articles with an available pre-publication and articles with limited offer, eg. B. Game prizes or used items.

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Playasia was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong. Playasia is an online retailer of entertainment products from Asia. The website www.play-asia.com sells import games, DVDs, music, CDs, gadgets, groceries, books, games console accessories, cables and toys. Based in Hong Kong and serving the Asia-Pacific region, Playasia offers most products to international buyers. Play-Asia.com aims to be the world's leading online retailer of entertainment products. Our professional staff works hard to bring real, high-quality products to our online marketplace, ensuring integrity, consistency and satisfaction at all levels of customer service and customer experience.