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關於OmegaVia和OmegaVia 促銷代碼 & OmegaVia 折扣代碼的更多信息

OmegaVia is the world's leading pharmaceutical grade fish oil brand. InnovixLabs' innovative technology includes not only the famous omega 7 fish oil pill, but also a brand that offers professional-grade probiotics, vitamins and other products. Boqiao Hong Kong Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent of Omegavia and InnovixLabs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and Mainland China, which is responsible for brand advertising and distribution in the above regions.
We provide food, please understand that we have no reason to return the service. The entire English content of all products, including introductions, labels, and related items relating to the products, has been carefully and extensively translated into Chinese on this web site to help you complete product information without barriers prior to making the order. If you have any questions about the product, feel free to ask us.
If you receive the goods within two days of receiving the goods, the opened products will not be accepted. You can contact us by contacting us. You must first send the wrong products to us, you do not have to pay the shipping costs. We will resend you the correct product or return the purchase price of this part of the wrong product and the corresponding shipping + handling charge to your payment account.

關於 OmegaVia

OmegaVia and InnovixLabs are two of the high-end fish oil specialty and dietary supplement brands in Innovix Pharma Pharmaceuticals. The purity and effective content of all products are world leaders. Its fish oil pill products and each production lot are evaluated by International Fish Oil. Omegavia Omega 1 Omega 3 of the fish oil pill has an Omega 3 content of up to 1105 mg. It is the purest omega-3 brand for fish oil supplements sold worldwide. The product contains no cholesterol, no mercury and no Chinese raw materials.