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Now, Health International is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the volume of printing paper we produce. We ask our customers not to print out their plan documents. The items we need to print, including our membership cards, are made using materials from sustainable sources. Our mission is to provide a market-leading international health insurance through an innovative and unique customer experience. Our international health insurance is designed to give our members a great service, so you can easily access the health care you need anywhere in the world.
Who can secure themselves at Now Health?
We have developed our product for people who want access to healthcare internationally. It is especially suitable for expatriates, d. H. For persons living outside their country. However, in some areas we can also insure local nationals. For the most up-to-date information on the countries in which we can provide coverage, call for a callback from our service team who will be happy to help.
How do you calculate my premium?
The premiums are based on the age of the persons applying for coverage at the time of entry or extension of the insurance plan and the country of residence of the main insured person. The countries of residence are divided into areas and the premiums are calculated on the basis of the area and age of the applicants.

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Martin Garcia, Now Health\'s CEO, began formalizing a business plan for the company in 2009. Now Health International is an international provider of private health insurance (IPMI) headquartered in Hong Kong. Other locations are in Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai and Camberley in the United Kingdom. Now the investor has taken over from Health Best Doctors Insurance, a major provider of health insurance with distribution in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. \"Now\" is clear, innovative and accessible. This means clear, relevant information, easy-to-use online tools and fast service from people who respect your time.