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  • 2月最抵Deal優惠低至3折 超抵4大淨酒店住宿優惠 Staycation包3餐連免費升級

    過期時間: 31-12-22
  • 手機程式首次預訂立減HK$10

    過期時間: 31-12-22
  • 全場15% OFF

    過期時間: 31-12-23
  • 指定商品買一送一, 並享4折優惠

    過期時間: 30-1-23
  • 即日起,省更多

    過期時間: 6-2-23
  • 熱門商品低價促銷

    過期時間: 16-2-23
  • Newlook.com特賣活動,享受超過33%優惠

    過期時間: 23-2-23
  • 最高可享5折優惠

    過期時間: 7-2-23
  • 獨家促銷:newlook.com最高可享8折優惠

    過期時間: 17-2-23
  • 季末促銷,折扣高達43%

    過期時間: 28-1-23
  • Newlook.com任何產品均可享受4折優惠

    過期時間: 7-2-23
  • Newlook.com禮品券, 限量發行

    過期時間: 8-2-23
  • 凡在newlook.com消費,即可享受4折優惠

    過期時間: 27-1-23
  • 下次訂購可享受額外的5折優惠

    過期時間: 9-2-23
  • 最後幾日促銷,低至6折

    過期時間: 31-1-23
  • 網上購買可享超過33%的折扣

    過期時間: 10-2-23
  • 指定品牌可享受 30% 的折扣

    過期時間: 30-6-22
  • 第一個盒子可享受 50% 的折扣

    過期時間: 30-6-22
  • 使用 Kerastase 可享受 30% 的折扣 + 額外 5% 的折扣

    過期時間: 30-6-22
  • 冬季特賣最高可享受 50% 的折扣,外加額外費用

    過期時間: 30-6-22
  • Hoxton Gal 女士時裝 10% 折扣

    過期時間: 30-6-22
  • 節省 20% 的選定化妝品 - 獲取您的 Pri

    過期時間: 30-6-22

關於New Look和New Look 促銷代碼 & New Look 優惠編號的更多信息

The world's largest New Look Store opened in Dublin at the Jervis Shopping Center. It is the 29th New Look Store in Ireland. Many of the Singapore branches were closed, with the exception of the CityLink Mall, the City Square Mall and the recently opened Republic Polytechnic. New Look closed 90 stores in the UK and 12 stores in Indonesia due to poor sales.
In how many countries is New Look active?
813 are operated directly by New Look stores: in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Poland, China and Germany. 83 are operated by our franchise partners in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Through our online shop, we deliver to around 120 countries worldwide.
Is Newlook a public company?
New Look Group Limited operates through its subsidiaries a multichannel retail brand in the United Kingdom and internationally. ... The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Weymouth, UK. New Look Group Limited is a subsidiary of New Look Retail Group Limited.
Where is my order?
Track your order via the link in your order confirmation email, through your New Look account, or for guest accounts here. For DPD Next Day orders you can download the DPD app here. There, you can track the journey of your order and manage all your delivery preferences, including delivery to a secure location, delivery to a neighbor, or delivery to a local pick-up store.


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The New Look story began in 1969 as a single fashion store in the UK. From there, we’ve grown to become a leading fast-fashion brand, with 519 in the UK and Ireland. Our transactional website newlook.com now ships to around 66 countries world-wide generating around 20% of sales. New Look is all about delivering fashion excitement, newness and value. We translate the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities, and the streets as fast as we can, providing our customers with fashion that is always bang on trend. From jeans to evening dresses, shoes to shoulder bags, New Look understands fashion.