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Letshops are looking for bright heads. We need people who are willing to grow and develop with us. The most important thing in our work is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in which you want to create and achieve common goals. The office is the second cozy home where people wear slippers, have breakfast together and have lunch, have fun conversations, improve and play sports, learn English, relax and travel. All this inspires a high quality product with interesting chips
Cashback does not add up to my balance. What am I doing?
Cashback is automatically credited as soon as the store sends us a confirmation of your order. You can read the approximate confirmation date in the \"Orders and Finances\" section. Just place the mouse pointer over the question mark next to the status \"Pending\". This date has been calculated on the basis of the average period of refund confirmation that you can see on the website of each store.
My cashback was declined. Why?
Cashback is automatically rejected or confirmed based on the order data that the store sends to us. Your cashback may have been declined for the following reasons: You have canceled your order. You have not bought the item yet. You returned the item to the store.

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We are a cashback service from LetyShops - a company of active, creative, modern people. We love to invent, develop and implement useful things for people :) In just three years, a small idea has turned into a big project that we are proud of. Our partners are more than 1,200 domestic and foreign online shops of the LetyShops Cashback Group! Here you can look up: tips, life-hacking and interesting shopping facts Exclusive competitions and competitions News about the best promotions and discounters Get to know the team and the life of LetyShops.