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The global headquarters of LeMall.com is located in Beijing. LeMall also has local sales offices in San Jose, California, and Los Angeles, California. The Warehouse and Fulfillment Center is located in Los Angeles.
If the winner does not receive the music code, can I resend it?
Check if the mobile phone has a monitoring function. If there is a monitoring function, please check the blocked SMS. If not, please send the mobile number registered by the winners through Weibo\'s forum or private message and SMS. After verification, we will resend the user by 24 within one hour, sending up to three times.
The number of music usage restrictions is limited. Can the music code order be used after the cancellation?
In principle, only one account is used once, and the special music code is specifically explained. No payment: If the order is canceled by self-service, the music code can be used again within 2 hours if it has not expired. Cancellation of the order Music can not be reused; 0 Yuan Music Code: Cancel the order after the successful redemption code can no longer be used.

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Founded in November 2004 by Jia Yueting, LeEco operates in a variety of business areas, including Internet TV, film and video production and distribution, smart gadgets, large screen applications and Internet-bound electric cars. Lerong Zhixin is a member of the Sunac Culture Group. LeMall.com, a subsidiary of LeEco (formerly Letv), is a fast-growing ecommerce platform dedicated to providing consumers with smart devices from Leek, from televisions and smartphones to virtual Reality headsets. In the software, Lerong is based on AI Big Data and has EUI, an artificial intelligence for user and large screen operations.