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Looking for a place to celebrate your birthday or other special moments? KFC HK is an ideal place. Celebrate your special moments with KFC HK to enjoy a memorable party and exclusive promotion codes. In addition, you will receive a delicate birthday card and a free gift pack.
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Like many fast food chains, KFC HK actually makes it easy for you to save money on food if you know what you are asking for. This is where combo meals come in. KFC HK Combo meals allow you to save a few dollars while you get a fantastic meal complete with fried potatoes, drink, dessert and, of course, fried chicken. They have their own basic combo meals, but they also have specials available periodically. These special combo meals may come with special dessert or even some free KFC HK coupons listed by us.

關於 KFC

KFC, an American fast food restaurant chain, specializes in fried chicken. It is constantly working to better serve our customers with great moments, excellent services and Finger-Lickin' Good food. Apart from fried chicken, KFC also offers chicken fillet sandwiches and wraps, salads, and side dishes like French fries and coleslaw, desserts, and soft drinks. KFC arrived in Hong Kong in 1985. In order to control the quality and freshness of its food, KFC HK seriously monitors the supply of all the raw materials. KFC HK constantly monitors its suppliers' performances through the submission of quality reports that are reviewed by its regional franchisor.