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JD.com was listed on NASDAQ in May 2014 in the largest IPO of the year. In 2015, GMV was $ 71.4 billion (RMB 462.7 billion) and net revenues were $ 28.0 billion (RMB 181.3 billion), an increase of 58% over the previous year equivalent. As a technology-oriented company.
How are customs duties and import taxes handled?
All cross-border shipments are guided through customs clearance. The customer is responsible for all duties and import taxes. Customs and taxes vary in different countries. The usual tariffs in the US are about 200 US dollars and in Europe 22 euros. The terms may vary depending on the items purchased.
What can I do?
If the seller does not ship your item in time, you can cancel the order. You can also contact the seller for the exact delivery time. If you think that the delivery time is acceptable, the order will be returned and refunded
Joybuy allows the unconditional return of most items within 30 days of receipt. Items that are damaged, defective or not indicated within 30 days (180 days for some items) and repaired or serviced for one year from the date of receipt. If you find the delivery time unacceptable, you can cancel the order. The date of receipt of the return period is one day after the delivery date, which is displayed on our logistics platform for third parties. If you miss the return window due to late delivery or incorrect information on the logistics platform, please contact our customer service.

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Joybuy.com offers a wide range of authentic, high-quality Chinese products at competitive prices. These are delivered quickly and reliably to the customer's doors. JD.com, Inc., also known as Jingdong and formerly known as 360buy, is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing. It is one of the two massive B2C online retailers in China in terms of transaction volume and revenue, a member of the Fortune Global 500 and a key competitor to Alibaba-led Tmall. Joybuy is the official global online shopping site of JD com. Connecting China with the consumers of the world. Run by Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com.