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Jollychic offers quality products in its APP and on its website, including most consumer goods such as clothing, electronics, household goods, shoes and bags, and baby products, etc. Our team is our backbone. We work hard to be able, committed and professional, always caring for our customers. By June 2018, Jollychic has more than 3,500 employees worldwide, including a 1,000-strong service and operations team in the Middle East, available 24/7. Jollychic has offices in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, the United States, China, etc.
Dear Customer, Please note that due to the huge volume of orders in Ramadan shipments may arrive after Eid. Jollychic will make every effort to deliver your package as soon as possible. For more information and logistics information, see [Account] - [All Orders]. Thank you for your understanding.
How long will it take to receive my order?
The preparation and delivery time depends entirely on the destination. Please click [here] to see the exact time. Tracking information: Check your shipment tracking information under [My Account] - [My Orders] (Shipping) - [Shipment Tracking]. Or check the shipping company's website with the tracking number in the e-mail / message sent by Jollychic.

關於 Jollychic

Jollychic is a one-stop e-commerce platform in the Middle East that was founded in 2012. Under the motto "Live with a style" Jollychic offers a wide range of high quality and stylish products, including clothing, electronics, household goods, shoes, bags, baby products, etc. through its APP and website. Here you will find hundreds and thousands of quality products at reasonable prices! Since our inception, we've worked hard to integrate the Internet technology and our strong commitment to the manufacturing industries to enable our customers a life without limits.