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iShopChangi has been voted best airport in the world by Business Traveler UK magazine for 31 consecutive years, and has been voted the best airport in the world nine times by travelers at the industry-acclaimed Skytrax World Airport Awards.
How do I shop at iShopChangi?
After creating an account with us, browse through the various products or search through the search bar at the top of any page in iShopChangi. Add the products to your cart, check out, and make your payment using any of the payment options available on iShopChangi.
Who can buy from iShopChangi?
All real passengers traveling via Singapore Changi Airport can shop at iShopChangi. However, you can only buy alcohol products if you are at least 18 years old. Our customer service representatives can request a photo ID.
What considerations should I make before my purchase?
When purchasing, check if the type or quantity of product you bring on board in the country you are traveling or arriving at is subject to restrictions. These restrictions may apply to air safety or biosecurity regulations at your destination. Restrictions and regulations for liquids, aerosols and gases (LAG) and dutiable products apply at various destinations.

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Changi Airport is the sixth largest international airport in the world. In 2018, 65.6 million passengers from all over the world were served and 2.15 million tonnes of airfreight were handled. The Changi Airport Group (CAG) is the manager of Changi Airport in Singapore, a leading air traffic hub in Asia and one of the world\'s most awarded airports. As airport manager, CAG fulfills the key functions of airport operations, the development of air hubs, retail and commercial activities, infrastructure development and airport emergency services.