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Ikea 優惠碼 & Ikea 推廣碼 2022年7月

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  • 優惠券
  • 免運費
  • 全場4折,僅限本月

    過期時間: 22-1-23
  • 部分產品6至8折優惠

    過期時間: 17-1-23
  • 最新優惠,可享受25%的折扣

    過期時間: 18-1-23
  • 最高可享9折優惠

    過期時間: 14-1-23
  • 僅限指定商品,低至5折

    過期時間: 14-1-23
  • 購買指定商品可獲定額現金回饋

    過期時間: 5-1-23
  • 聖誕禮物僅$10起

    過期時間: 31-12-22
  • 特定ikea.com產品有4折優惠

    過期時間: 17-1-23
  • 任何訂單可享6%的優惠

    過期時間: 22-1-23
  • 買的多折扣也多,高達5折

    過期時間: 14-1-23
  • 訂閱郵件可享受獨家優惠及特賣

    過期時間: 12-1-23
  • 夏季促銷最高可享7折優惠

    過期時間: 25-1-23
  • 新商品最高可享4折優惠

    過期時間: 9-1-23
  • 組合優惠 專區享受15%的价格优惠

    過期時間: 17-4-22
  • 恆生信用卡客戶消費滿HK$500賺取高達27X Yuu積分

    過期時間: 1-5-22
  • 新低價 專區 享受20%的价格优惠

    過期時間: 6-4-22
  • 新產品 最低$9.9起

    過期時間: 6-4-22
  • Ikea Offer: Sign up For Newsletter & Be up to Date With up to 70% Off Deals

    過期時間: 25-11-21
  • Steal Cyber Monday 2021 Deals at Ikea

    過期時間: 25-11-21

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Do you have a delivery service?
IKEA offers a flat-rate online delivery service to your home or business from $ 9 for small items and from $ 39 for large items. Business delivery starts at $ 59. If you would like your items to be delivered, simply contact an IKEA representative in the store for more information.
What payment options are available at IKEA?
At the store, we accept IKEA gift cards, the IKEA project card, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, debit cards and cash. For online and mobile purchases, IKEA gift cards (with PIN), American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
Delivery by truck. The delivery starts at $ 59. The price varies according to demand and distance from the IKEA store to your shipping address. Removal services (mattress, device, sofas) are available when you purchase a shipment of a similar product. Additional fees may apply. For details, contact a colleague.
Returns Policy
It's okay to change your mind. If you are not completely satisfied with your IKEA purchase, you can return it together with the proof of purchase within 365 days for a full refund. Refunds will be made in the same form of payment that was originally used for the purchase. We can not refund or exchange your items if it finds that your goods are dirty, stained, damaged or abused.


訪問 ikea.com

關於 Ikea

IKEA is a multinational group founded in Sweden that designs and sells ready-to-install furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, including useful goods and occasionally household services. It has been the world's largest furniture retailer since at least 2008. It was founded in 1943 by the 17-year-old carpenter Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. The company is known for its modernist designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design is often associated with an environmentally friendly simplicity. From forests to sawmills to manufacturing operations, our point of view is always to do good business with common sense.