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HP brings together a portfolio of innovations, including state-of-the-art personal devices and business solutions for the new IT style. HP's mission is to invent technologies and services that enhance enterprise value, create social benefits, and improve the lives of customers - with the goal of reaching the largest possible number of people.
delivery information
Are there additional costs for the orders?
For orders under 500 HKD a shipping fee of 195 HKD is charged. If you only order ink and toner, you will receive a FREE EF locker pick up service for orders of HK $ 250 or more. The exact date of collection of the order may depend on the capacity of the lockers. You will receive an SMS with the locker password as soon as your order is ready for collection. Please pick up your order within 40 hours for EF Lockers to receive the SMS. Otherwise it will be returned to our warehouse and a delivery fee of HK $ 195 will be charged for re-scheduling the shipment.
What can I do if the online credit card payment fails?
There are many reasons for an online credit card payment error. The most common reasons are exceeding the daily take-back or purchase limit, first-time orders and high-quality purchases, incorrect credit card information (eg newly renewed credit card with updated expiration date, etc.). If you encounter a payment error during the payment process, you may first contact the credit card issuing bank to confirm this.

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HP\'s first retail store in Canada or the US. HP is a technology company that offers personal systems and printing innovations that allow people to work, interact and inspire creatively as never before. We also drive what we call the new style of IT. Hewlett Packard is a multinational corporation with the best computer solutions available, from smartphones to games, from home computers to mobile laptops and an outstanding printing department. In this world, cloud, security, big data, and mobility combine to create comprehensive solutions that help you connect better with customers, citizens, and employees.