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  • Dedicated Servers Start at HK$1250/Month

    過期時間: 9-7-23
  • Host Hongkong Discount - Multi Server Colocation From HK$2250/Month

    過期時間: 25-12-22
  • Host Hongkong Discount - Colocation Services Start at HK$700

    過期時間: 1-12-22
  • Enjoy Multi Server Colocation From HK$2250/Month

    過期時間: 19-10-22
  • Host Hongkong Discount - VPS Packages Begin at HK$150

    過期時間: 15-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Discount - VPS Packages Start at Just HK$150 - Buy Now

    過期時間: 5-2-23
  • Buy VPS Packages From HK$150

    過期時間: 16-11-22
  • Host Hongkong Sale - Dedicated Servers Begin at HK$1250/Month

    過期時間: 20-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Sale - Buy Dedicated Servers From HK$1250/Month

    過期時間: 5-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Sale - Get Reseller Hosting Services From HK$200/Month

    過期時間: 3-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Sale - Buy Shared Webhosting From Only HK$50/Month

    過期時間: 5-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Sale - Reseller Hosting Services Start at HK$200/Month

    過期時間: 12-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Sale - Get Shared Webhosting From Just HK$50/Month

    過期時間: 8-2-23
  • Now Enjoy Reseller Hosting Services From HK$200/Month

    過期時間: 24-6-24
  • Shared Webhosting Starts at HK$50/Month

    過期時間: 22-6-23
  • Host Hongkong Discount - Multi Server Colocation Starts at HK$2250/Month

    過期時間: 7-2-23
  • Host Hongkong Discount - Enjoy Colocation Services From HK$700

    過期時間: 29-1-23
  • Colocation Services From Just HK$700

    過期時間: 31-7-22
  • Host Hongkong Discount - Cloud Servers Start at Just HK$280/Month

    過期時間: 6-10-21
  • Enjoy Cloud Servers From HK$280/Month

    過期時間: 30-9-21
  • Host Hongkong Discount - Buy Cloud Servers From Just HK$280/Month

    過期時間: 3-10-21
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關於Host Hongkong和Host Hongkong 促銷代碼 & Host Hongkong 折扣代碼的更多信息

Host Hong Kong is a leading provider of shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting services in Hong Kong. Host Hong Kong also offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS), colocation services and a variety of web development services, including website design, invoice integration, e-commerce and many other solutions.
Which payment methods do we accept?
A. We accept all major credit / debit cards, Paypal, bank transfer, HKD checks and CarrotPay. We can process credit cards through a number of gateways, including 2Checkout, GoogleCheckout and Paypal. We accept bank transfers to our US, UK and HK bank accounts. Domestic transfers from the same bank are free of charge.
Is the tax included in my monthly or annual plan?
A. Hong Kong has no sales tax. The price indicated is the price paid. There are no additional taxes or fees. However, depending on your government, you may be required by law to pay taxes on internet services despite the use of servers in Hong Kong.
Which virtualizer do you use?
For our Linux-based VPS, we use XEN as our virtualizer. We do not believe in over selling our VPS servers, so we do not use technologies like OpenVZ. Using Xen, you can be sure that your disk, RAM, and CPU permissions really belong to you.


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Founded in 2003, Host Hong Kong is a Hong Kong-based company offering a variety of web hosting services and Internet solutions. Since its inception, Host Hong Kong has become one of the leading privately owned hosting companies. Host Hong Kong works at Tele Asia\'s data center in Fanling, Hong Kong, where in addition to colocation servers, over 100 shared and dedicated servers are managed. Host Hong Kong is a growing debt-free company providing web hosting services to thousands of clients on 4 continents in over 100 industries.