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HKBN owns an extensive fiber network in Hong Kong, which includes more than 2.3 million residential buildings and thousands of commercial buildings. We value "making our Hong Kong a better place to live" and we are proud to build our talents into a competitive advantage. Our company is run by co-owners (supervisory and senior talents of the company) who have invested their own savings to buy the shares of HKBN Ltd. to buy.
How do I check for problems with my account when I am a customer of the Self Help Customer Service?
You can manage your HKBN account through our online platform "My Account" or via the mobile app "My Account". On these platforms, you can review the details of your plan, the outstanding balance and statement, or process the payment or update your account details.
How can I pay my HKBN bill?
You can pay your bill over or under: Credit Card Immediate Payment via HKBN "My Account" or "My Account" App (except IDD 1666 customers) Credit Card Autopay Bank Account Autopay Internet Banking ATM Check Payment Machine "PPS" Crossed Activate 7-Eleven, Circle K, VanGO Convenience Store or China Resources Vanguard. Click XXXXX to see details of the methods above.
Will the service be discontinued automatically and without renewal after the expiration of the contract?
If you do not renew the contract, the service will not be terminated automatically upon expiration of the existing contract. You may continue to use the Service after the contract expires at the pre-set "After Contract Fee" until you request a change or cancellation of the Services.

關於 Hong Kong Broadband Network

The HKBN Group is Hong Kong\'s second largest supplier of high-speed fiber optic broadband services to residential and corporate markets. Following the merger with WTT, we offer a broader range of telecommunications solutions for the home and enterprise markets. Hong Kong Broadband is Hong Kong\'s most powerful network operator dedicated to providing people in Hong Kong with a range of high quality services, including fiber optic broadband, mobile services, OTT entertainment, voice services and enterprise solutions. Thanks to the support of more than 800,000 broadband users in private households and 300,000 registered customers for mobile communications.