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honestbee announced a partnership with "Explorer Joe Exotic Meats" (later referred to as fictitious), with which customers can buy meat from endangered animals such as pandas and whales. Improving life moments for everyone through food, people and technology. Make great culinary experiences accessible to all.
What are the operating hours of habitat by honestbee?
When you shop at the Fresh supermarket, the last checkout is at 9.30pm. You can still use the Scan & Go feature on your phone to check your items by our closing time (see opening hours above). Our kitchens are open for orders until their individual closing time. However, 30 minutes after the end of the day, dining options are still available.
Can I change my delivery time window?
In general, you can postpone orders as long as the new delivery date is more than 2 hours away. For orders from farm-to-table stores, the terms of delivery apply because our partner retailers are not active on a daily basis and orders are usually packed on the morning of the delivery date. For pre-orders in a pop-up shop (eg, Christmas sales), you can set an appointment up to 5 days before the originally scheduled delivery date.

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The company was founded in 2015 in Singapore, the fastest growing food service in Asia, driven by community and technology. honestbee is Asia\'s fastest growing food service driven by community and technology. For many cultures, food provides comfort, satisfies curiosity, enhances celebration, promotes community, and is a way to show someone that you are interested. The company offers personal shoppers who select products for its customers. Consumers use the company\'s mobile app or website to connect with the company, and pickers and retailers also use the mobile app. In Singapore, honestbee also offers a laundry service.