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    Hmv Books Online 限時促銷活動,立享40%折扣

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The rich heritage of HMV spans almost a century. In 1921 our first store was opened in London, where Sir Edward Elgar took part. Since then, we have provided our customers with music and entertainment in all conceivable formats, from sheet music to vinyl LPs to CDs and digital downloads. The shipped product was a faulty product. Can you exchange it? We are fully committed to product management. However, please contact the service center within 7 days after the product arrives if damaged, dirty or defective products arrive. In this case, please contact us after giving your name, order number, product name, return reason and hope for \"exchange\" or \"refund\". Contact the customer service. As we issue a Return Receipt Number, please enter the return number on the delivery note and return it to us by cash on delivery of the Yu Pack. I received a product with a broken case. Can you exchange it? Of course, we also get a replacement for the product itself, but it will take some time before we can return the product here. If it is good, it is also possible to send a replacement CD case. (In the case of a specific specification, it will be exchanged for each product.) We are very sorry to cause you any problems, but your name, your order number, the name of the returned product, the number of the returned product, and the reason for the return clearly indicated Please contact us if you would like to return a CD case or simply send it. If you want to send a CD case, please tell us the shape of the CD case.