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The success of HKDecoman.com has been honored with the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Business Award GOLD as one of the most promising technology companies in HK. It also received the well-known Stevie Award as one of the leading international Internet companies. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company plans to expand its business to other APAC countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and more.
Picking Raiders: Do you know the cheapest LED lamp?
There are three major lighting products in Hong Kong, but LED is the inevitable mainstream, and this could be the case in the future. You may think that LEDs are more expensive than tungsten lamps and enamels, so they refuse use, but this is a big mistake. Why? Let\'s take a look at the performance of different lamps.
What is a fire door?
Most kitchen doors and gates of new housing estates, shared apartments and public housing estates are equipped with fire doors. The definition of a fire door is very simple and it is a fire door with two properties. First, the wooden door can not be burned after a fire for a certain period of time. Second, the other burned surface should not exceed room temperature plus 180 ° C. Depending on the standard of the different fire doors, the specific time can be half an hour / one hour / two hours or four hours.

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HKDecoman.com was backed by major players in the real estate industry and is currently valued at 50 million Hong Kong dollars. The decoration is bound to make Hong Kong no trouble / unfinished decoration. To accomplish this mission, all members of the renovation team have worked hard to promote the standardization of decoration, building materials, and the home market. As a leading provider of Internet decoration in Hong Kong, the decoration of the O2O model will bring changes in traditional decoration and home textiles. This creates a constant added value for the users and leads the development of the industry.