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  • Foodpanda X 渣打信用卡 – 新客即減HK$75有效期:05-31

    過期時間: 7-12-22
  • Foodpanda: 新用戶 HK$50 OFF折扣優惠有效期:03-31

    過期時間: 25-11-22
  • Foodpanda – HK$15 OFF 至8月15日2021

    過期時間: 18-12-22
  • Foodpanda X Starbucks : 滿$100 不包括運費 – 享$30折扣優惠 先到先得

    過期時間: 5-12-22
  • Foodpanda Enjoy 25% OFF Your Food Order - Flash Offer

    過期時間: 2-12-22
  • Foodpanda X 渣打信用卡 – 現有客戶即享HK$20 OFF有效期:05-31

    過期時間: 27-11-22
  • Foodpanda – 新客戶滿HK$100 獲 HK$50 OFF有效期:05-31

    過期時間: 19-12-22
  • Foodpanda : 滿$80 – 免運費 先到先得

    過期時間: 27-11-22
  • 新客戶首次外賣自取落單滿$100減$20優惠碼

    過期時間: 9-12-22
  • Order From Local Restaurants & Get EXTRA $30 OFF With Foodpanda Code HK

    過期時間: 31-7-22
  • Foodpanda : 新用戶 滿減$40 OFF有效期:12-31

    過期時間: 6-12-22
  • Mother's Day Sale HK$45 OFF Pandamart Order

    過期時間: 6-12-22
  • Save HK$50 on Your First Grocery Order - Only For New Customers

    過期時間: 19-11-22
  • Foodpanda Mother's Day Gifts - Save 15% on Grocery Order From Foodpanda Mall

    過期時間: 5-12-22
  • 訂購生活百貨 首張訂單滿$100即享6折優惠

    過期時間: 13-11-22
  • HK$40 OFF Your First Order - New Customers Special App Only Deal

    過期時間: 29-10-22
  • 新客戶於foodpanda訂購滿$120 輸入優惠碼 可享四次免運費優惠

    過期時間: 14-11-22
  • Foodpanda HK$40 OFF Grocery Orders - AlipayHK Promotion

    過期時間: 19-10-22
  • Use First Order Code & Get HK$40 OFF First Grocery Order - New Usercial

    過期時間: 19-10-22
  • Order Now & Get HK$50 OFF - Reward For Atome Users

    過期時間: 31-7-22
  • Up to 50% + EXTRA HK$40 OFF Food Order - Special

    過期時間: 23-8-22
  • Foodpanda Enjoy DBS Credit Card Discount Take InstaRedeem 8% OFF Your Order

    過期時間: 20-10-22
  • 免費下載foodpanda應用程序

    過期時間: 10-12-22
  • Tandoor印度餐館 前菜最低HK$58起

    過期時間: 22-12-22
  • Tandoor印度餐館 印度煎餅 最低HK$128起

    過期時間: 28-12-22
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Pay With AlipayHK & Save HK$60 on First Groceries Order - New Customers Special

    過期時間: 23-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Save EXTRA HK$30 on Your Pick-Up Order From Local Restaurants

    過期時間: 6-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - HK & Get HK$50 OFF Your First Pick-Up Order

    過期時間: 11-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Save HK$30 on Pandamart Order - AlipayHK Promotion

    過期時間: 8-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Atome Users Special Save HK$150 on Your Order

    過期時間: 29-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Save Additional HK$30 on Food Order - Summer Sale

    過期時間: 13-1-23
  • With HSBC Credit Card, Get Additional HK$40 OFF - Weekend Offer

    過期時間: 20-1-23
  • Pay With AlipayHK & Save HK$40 on First Grocery Order

    過期時間: 4-1-23
  • Enjoy HK$40 Savings on Pandamart Order With AlipayHK

    過期時間: 31-12-22
  • Instant Groceries Offer Order Now & Get 25% OFF + EXTRA HK$300 Vouchers

    過期時間: 27-1-23
  • Order For Your Dinner & Save HK$50 More - Weekdays Only

    過期時間: 19-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Save 25% on Your Order From Pandamart - DBS Wednesday Flash Offer

    過期時間: 13-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - Enjoy FREE Trial For Month For Pandapro - Subscribe Now

    過期時間: 25-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - on Your Pick-Up Order, Save HK$20 - AlipayHK Special

    過期時間: 13-1-23
  • Foodpanda Coupon Code - App Special Offer Order Groceries & Save HK$75

    過期時間: 5-1-23
  • EXTRA 5% OFF Pick-Up Order - Join Pandapro Now

    過期時間: 8-11-22
  • Foodpanda Sale - Join Pandapro Now & Enjoy EXTRA 5% Savings on Pick-Up Order

    過期時間: 18-1-23
  • Foodpanda Discount: 15% OFF Times Cafe Asian Cuisine

    過期時間: 23-1-23
  • Extra $40 OFF First Order With Ali Pay Payment

    過期時間: 14-1-23
  • Foodpanda Voucher: 15% OFF The Vigor Western Cuisine

    過期時間: 2-1-23
  • Free Delivery on PizzaExpress

    過期時間: 20-1-23
  • Foodpanda Voucher: 30% OFF R&R Bagels Western Food

    過期時間: 26-1-23
  • Foodpanda Discount: 5% OFF Room Korean Cuisine

    過期時間: 1-1-23
  • Foodpanda Discount: Extra 25% OFF Dine in Food Orders

    過期時間: 18-1-23
  • Fodopanda Promo: 40% OFF Ming Viet Vietnamese Cuisine

    過期時間: 2-1-23
  • Foodpanda Voucher: 55% OFF + 5% Cashback Skewer Kings Restaurant

    過期時間: 4-7-22
  • Save 30% on Your Pick-Up Order From KFC

    過期時間: 27-6-22
  • Foodpanda Voucher: 20% OFF Fairwood Restaurant

    過期時間: 28-6-22
  • Foodpanda Promo: 10% OFF in Sa Dong Korean Restaurant

    過期時間: 28-6-22
  • Foodpanda Promo: Free Delivery on PizzaExpress Restaurant

    過期時間: 27-6-22
  • Foodpanda Discount: 20% OFF Flash Coffee

    過期時間: 27-6-22

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How to use Foodpanda? Enter your postal code on the home page. Check out its extensive list of restaurants that reach your area. Choose a restaurant you want and browse its list. Make your meal by choosing from any of your favorite restaurants, browse the menu and select the items you wish to order. If the options are required, you will be asked to select them once you click an item. Your items will appear on the shopping cart on the right. Once you are satisfied with your order, click the "Order now" button and enter your delivery address. Simply follow the instructions to finish your orders.
Free download Foodpanda App on the Apple app store and Google Play Store. Subscribe to Foodpanda and receive newsletters about the best deals & coupons. Whether you crave a Korean grill, pizza, salad, or sushi, Foodpanda offers you the quickest way to order food across the web and get local meals delivered to your home or office. By browsing the list of the best restaurants in Hong Kong online, you can order within a few clicks and your delicious meal will be delivered in a short time.


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Foodpanda is a simple service to order food from a variety of online restaurants. Enjoy the different cuisine and flavors that have been delivered to your door. Foodpanda knows that when you are hungry, the food you need must arrive as quickly as possible. Its service allows you to order food online and deliver it directly to your doorstep, giving you easy access to your favorite restaurants in Hong Kong. With a wide range of online restaurants and easy payment options, foodpanda proudly delivers a high-quality dining service to eat in Hong Kong.