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The Lugard grocery store sells freshly made, unique biscuits and snacks. Our special tea biscuits and assorted family cookies are baked with the best ingredients that make you want more. Our ultimate chocolates and our specially developed animal chocolates come from leading chocolate suppliers in Belgium, Switzerland and the USA. Our collection of fresh and healthy dried foods and our South African sugar-free candies provide our customers with a healthy and diverse range of food.
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Lugard is a branded food business founded in 2014 in Hong Kong that sells high quality food from around the world. Lugard stands for excellence, superiority and energy. Our company sources ingredients from farms around the world and prepares cookies, snacks and the like for stores throughout Hong Kong. Lugard attaches great importance to social responsibility. The founders have worked hard to protect wild animals in South Africa. In addition to regular donations, they also sell woven accessories for South African women. They hope that local people can improve their family economy children and minimize crime on the ground.