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The EXPANSYS group includes EXPANSYS.com, Data Select Network Solutions (DSNS), which specializes in selling SIM cards from UK mobile operators and the UK B2B leaders, and PJ Media, which offers a comprehensive range of e-commerce services, web Design, implementation, and marketing services that include Vodafone, HTC, and Audi customers.
How can I check if a product is in stock?
EXPANSYS is a global company with multiple warehouses around the world, with direct access to multiple suppliers and a variety of delivery options (see our Delivery Information page). While most products are listed as in-stock depending on inventory, in some cases it may take a little while for your shipment to arrive.
How do I qualify for a free delivery?
For more information about free shipping and other shipping options, visit our shipping options page. Please note that Free Shipping Packages are shipped via a standard delivery service.
How can I track an order during shipment?
Click the messenger logo. Once you receive an email, you can click on the link below. Click the messenger logo. Please note: It is not possible to track shipments using the "Europe - Standard Postal Service" method.

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Founding in Manchester, Great Britain (1998). EXPANSYS.com is the online superstore for consumer technology. Headquartered in the UK, we have a truly global reach and distribute products in over 130 countries around the world, with offices and distribution centers in the US, France and Hong Kong. At EXPANSYS we love technology. All of it. From smartphones and tablets to laptops, televisions, headphones and the simple cable. A fast growing and leading platform for online retailers and B2B e-commerce, covering all types of high-tech consumer electronics products.