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關於Esondata和Esondata 促銷代碼 & Esondata 優惠編號的更多信息

Esondata Company Limited offers rental / selling services for SIM / Data / Pocket Wifi / Japan phones worldwide, so you can go left and look like you\'re on the Internet in Hong Kong and save 70% internationally. Roaming charges. In addition, most countries receive free calls to local numbers, so there must be a number of local cell phones or sim cards. How should I return it? Please send the device to the address below. The shipper bears the shipping costs and the late return must be paid separately (if applicable). If you arrange the courier service yourself, please notify the following address of the company. Causeway Bay, Causeway Bay, Causeway Bay. Coming from 808, 8 / F, Hang Lung Center, 2/20 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay. How do you calculate the rent? The rental fee will be charged on the day of departure until your return to Hong Kong. For example, if you leave Hong Kong on the 12th and return to Hong Kong on the 16th, you will be charged a five-day rental fee. For the delivery, we ship the device directly to your office one day before your departure (details can be found in the section \"Rental Process\"). After returning to Hong Kong, you must return the wireless router within our first business day.