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Dr. Martens may have been made for the industry, but it turned out they were meant for the stage. Subverted early by subcultures, they paved the way for a new kind of rebellious self-expression. From the punks of the 1970s in London to the grunts of the 1990s in Seattle, Dr. Subcultures may fade and develop, but our alternative mind is a constant.
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The first couple Martens 1460 boots were rolled out of our production line on April 1, 1960 and have since been manufactured. Dr. Martens is an English footwear and apparel brand headquartered in Wollaston, Wellingborough. They also make a range of accessories - shoe polish, clothing, bags, etc. Martens are commonly known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, DMs or Docs. We make boots and shoes like no other company on earth. Dr. Martens is a design classic that is adopted by a number of subcultures as a symbol of personal self-expression, individuality and standing for something.