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With our modern touch, our designs honor iconic classics, from classic cars to pop art. With our modern touch, our designs honor iconic classics, from the premium leather seats of classic cars to the pop art of Andy Warhol.
Guarantee for DONKYLNE & CO. Products is 1 year from date of purchase. Please note that the warranty does not cover the normal wear of the case, glass or bracelet.
The warranty does not cover any parts of the watch that are due to improper use, lack of care, negligence, accidents, improper use of the watch, and failure to follow instructions given by DONKYLNE & CO.
Spare parts that are due to incorrect water resistance will not be covered if the crown is not fully closed when the watch contacts the watch.
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For all further inquiries regarding shipping, return etc. please contact us.
Please note that the customer bears the costs of returning the product to DONKYLNE & CO.
Returns Policy
You have the right to return undamaged and unused products purchased on DONKYLNE.COM. If you wish to return your item for any reason, we will refund you the purchase price within 14 days of purchase.
The notification takes place immediately after receipt of the goods or at the latest 14 days after receipt.
The notification will be sent to [email protected] Please insert your order number into your e-mail address when contacting us.
The returned product must be in its original packaging in unused and undamaged condition.
You are not obliged to do so, but we strongly recommend this. You are responsible for sending the returned items to DONKYLNE.COM.

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Inspired by travel, the timepieces are designed for longevity to meet the most demanding customers. Focused on undisputed quality, design and versatility for both everyday and everyday life, Don Kylne is designed for the refined who enjoy being different. Don Kylne & Co. started with the idea of introducing timepieces designed with clues from past glory days with distinctive design features. As a watch enthusiast and collector, the brand\'s direction is to use our unmistakable approach to introduce practical complications from the luxury watch industry and make them affordable to the masses without sacrificing quality.