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At Desigual, we create clothes that spread joy, print T-shirts and dresses that burst at the seams full of Desigual\'s energy and optimism. Desigual jeans and skirts bring comfort and well-being. Bold women will not want to miss our desigual shoe collection with many colors, flowers and different fabrics. We create clothes to awaken the senses. Each garment is carefully assembled piece by piece to make it unique.
Here are the UPS Access Points near you where you can deposit your return package. Once it has arrived at our warehouse, we will check it and refund it within 10 to 14 days of receipt. Contact UPS at 09 2311 3406 and have your return package collected. Once it has arrived at our warehouse, we will check it and usually return it within 10 to 14 days, but always within 30 days of receipt.
We only accept returns if they meet the following requirements: The garments must not have been washed or used. They must be in the condition in which they were delivered. You still need to have the original label. The product must be complete, e.g. a pair of gloves, etc. Underwear and swimwear (socks, boxers, bikinis and swimsuits, etc.) can not be returned. It is not personal, just for hygienic reasons.

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Desigual was founded in 1984 by the Swiss businessman Thomas Meyer in Ibiza and led from 2002 to December 2013 by Manel Adell. Manel Jadraque then became the new CEO. They say we are a fashion company. At Desigual, we do not dress bodies, we dress people. Our designs are unique and full of joy, inspired by the city of Barcelona, the Mediterranean region, the sun, the light and the love of life. Desigual is a world of patchwork, textures, graphic patterns, colors and crafts.