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DX has the industry's best warranty. All items are guaranteed for 5 days upon arrival. Most items are covered by a free 90-day limited parts warranty and a 150-day repair warranty. You can choose whether the prices given should be in Norwegian kroner. For the customers this is particularly reasonable, since all orders are free of charge. The delivery time is between 10 and 21 working days.
What is the RMA and return procedure?
Please do not throw away the shipping envelope and product packaging. To contact DX, you will need images of the preceding points. Always contact DX and wait for instructions before sending anything back. Select a suitable contact form here. Take the pictures you want and upload them. Wait for DX to respond and follow the instructions. Do not close the CSE form until your problem has been resolved.
Do I have to pay customs and import taxes?
You may be charged duties and taxes on something you have purchased from DX because: Customs and taxes are usually not included in the price of the item and may not be included in the total shipping cost you pay to the seller. When you shop at DX, you buy from overseas sellers. That's why you are sometimes asked to pay customs fees. Taxes may depend on where your order was sent, what kind of items you purchased, what their value is, and how heavy the package is. Different tax laws may apply to different products in different countries. It is always best to confirm this with the seller or your local customs office.

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Founded in 2005, DX is one of China\'s first direct-to-consumer e-commerce retailers. With over 1 million customers and 400 suppliers, DX is still one of the leading retailers today. DX has one of the largest and most diverse catalogs in the industry with over 4,000 categories, 300,000 articles and 150 daily additions. The business sells mainly small electrical appliances to households and is considered the cheapest online business in the world. The Onlineshop sells among other things copies of well-known brands such as iPhone under similar names as \"sciPhone\", \"Ifone\" and \"hiPhone\".