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CrazyDomains is proud to offer its brand, innovative products and services based on the very best technology available, coupled with the great price and support we deserve for everyone. CrazyDomains is a leading service provider with a range of leading products and services to millions of domestic and foreign clients. From individuals to business owners, government agencies, celebrities and businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
How do I change the monitoring frequency?
You can select the types of monitoring you want and the frequency of monitoring in your Site Protection Panel. The site scanner is set up by default to monitor and scan your site every 24 hours. Any infections will be reported to you by e-mail.
How to remove malware infection from my website?
In the unlikely event that your site gets re-infected after removing and cleaning malware, just open a new malware removal ticket and explain what happened. Our security team will review and fix the problem.
Site damaged after malware removal: what to do?
If you've just received a ticket update that says we're done working on your website and everything is clean, but your website looks broken, do not worry! We can help. First, you should empty your browser's cache and try to access your site from other browsers to make sure the problem is actually with the site. Then under Site Reports Results, click Scan Now to make sure it is not a caching issue.

About Crazy Domains

Crazy Domains was founded in 2000 and has always been a leading domain registrar in Australia, Europe, India and the Middle East. Crazy Domains is a world-leading international domain name registrar and web hosting company. We also provide easy-to-use online marketing solutions that help SMEs improve their visibility, reach potential customers, and monitor results. Our offers are the best. Whether you want to register your own unique domain name or find the fastest and most reliable web hosting solution, we want to give you exactly what you want.