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Bitcoin is the world\'s most widely used alternative currency with a total market capitalization of over $ 100 billion. The Bitcoin network consists of thousands of computers operated by individuals around the world.
An open financial system is one that is not controlled by any country or corporation (just like the internet for disseminating information). We believe that this is the best way to achieve more economic freedom, innovation, efficiency and equal opportunities in the world. We have a ten-year plan to get there.
Imagine, every payment in the world would be as fast, cheap and global as sending an e-mail.
Imagine, anyone who had an idea for a product could have customers all over the world from day one.
Imagine someone with a smartphone having access to the same financial services that we enjoy in the developed world.
An open financial system can be a great balance, lifting billions from poverty while accelerating the pace of innovation around the world. This is the best way to change the world.
Digital currency is a powerful technology, but its benefits are only accessible to people as we simplify their use. Coinbase features great products that bring the benefits of digital currency to everyone

關於 Coinbase

Founded in June 2012, Coinbase is a digital wallet and platform where traders and consumers can trade with new digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. We are based in San Francisco, California. Coinbase is the easiest place to buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our first step in this direction is to make the digital currency accessible and accessible to all. Two principles guide our efforts. First, be the most trusted company in our domain. Second, create user-centric products that are easier and more intuitive to use.