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ClassPass members enjoy more variety and commitment in their fitness program, and at a cheaper price if they book their courses individually. Participating students benefit from attracting new students and profitably. Enterprises can also give their affiliate members access to our global network of gyms and fitness studios, while increasing engagement, retention and cost savings.
What is the ClassPass worth?
Share ClassPass: Does the latest obsession with the fitness world cost $ 54 million? Ask a ClassPass member to talk about the magical monthly membership that allows you to access a number of boutique style gyms, and they may never stop.
How much does ClassPass Studios get?
ClassPass then uses the rate for this package and agrees to set the payout price to a percentage of that rate. For example, if your studio charges $ 150 for a 10-class package, the price per class is $ 15.
Hate Studios ClassPass?
But today, they're shaking things up in a way that's sure to excite ClassPass supporters. Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass, to Refinery29, says: "Of today, ClassPass has lifted its restriction to three visits, allowing members to go to their favorite studio.

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ClassPass was born in 2013 after payal Kadakia struggled to attend class in NYC. After countless Google searches, planned cross-checks and frustrating sign-in attempts, Payal never made it to class. Instead of calling that evening a failure, Payal came up with an idea. Discover the best workouts. Browse gyms and studios near you, book a seat, and get moving. Join our fast growing team and have the incredible opportunity to build a career with a high-growth startup while empowering others to reach their fitness goals.