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Birdie has partnered with users to create an online community where they can share their opinions, their joy and meet new friends. Birdie Mobile will lead the rapid development in telecommunications technology and transform mobile services in Hong Kong.
How fast are the local data contained in the plan?
The local high-speed data varies in each monthly plan and is based on the plan you have selected. The speed of local high-speed data is limited to 21 Mbit / s. When monthly local data usage reaches your data rate limit, you can continue to use mobile data services. However, the download and upload speed is limited to 128 kbps.
Is VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) supported by the Birdie Mobile monthly plan?
Birdie Mobile\'s monthly plan supports local VoLTE. Remember that you also need a handset that supports VoLTE.
Is tethering supported by Birdie Mobile\'s monthly plan?
Our plans support the data connectivity feature on mobile devices. We do not support peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, FTP file sharing and webcam applications.
Which services are included in the monthly plans?
Birdie Mobile\'s monthly rates also include SMS, voicemail, call transfer, caller ID, call waiting and conference calling.

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Birdie relaxes in every way. Relax and be yourself. Relax to overcome strict rules, be flexible and open a new exciting world! Birdie has abolished contracts and administration fees. Instead, we\'ve introduced new ideas so you can relax anytime, anywhere. Birdie Mobile aims to deviate from the convention and free clients from the obligations of contracts. We do away with unnecessary physical transactions and offer an online platform with exclusive self-service, where users can select the services they want and handle account issues directly.